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Another extremly delayed update [Jan. 16th, 2013|04:31 pm]
So its been near 3 years since I last updated anything on this Journal. It would be hard to pinpoint just a few things that have changed since my last update nearly 3 years ago.
First and most important, my family lost our house back in 2011 to the bank, and most of my family moved over to Virginia where my brother and his wife now live.
I wanted to stay in California, and found a way to via friends and such. It hasnt been an easy life, having no place to really call home, and for awhile having no job or school to keep myself busy. Just about a month ago I finnaly got a job working at New York Pizzaria, and its actually a great job surprisingly. The people that work there can all understand where I come from in terms of losing my house and having a rough life recently.
I am also a student again at Chaffey college. After not having a job or basically a life for a year, I can tell you that having nothing to do is one of the worst things I have ever experienced, and I am so happy to have both a job and classes again.
Thats about all I want to update about for now, if I get around to it I will try to update more often, though it seems rather pointless since I joined this site so I could share my thoughts with Ariane, and since I havent heard from her in a few years, might be time to move onto a different venue, not sure yet.
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